CIMF Events

As opportunities arise, CIMF participates in events organized by other members of the industry, often in conjunction with the official presentation of scholarships to deserving students.  CIMF also organizes and hosts some events for its donors and members of the industry.


Reception in Conjunction with the Diamonds Exhibition in Halifax (June 2010)

In conjunction with the mining exhibition at the Discovery Center in Nova Scotia, CIMF invited all past donors as well as members of the Nova Scotia Mining Association and Nova Scotia Mining Society to a special evening celebrating Diamonds and the industry. It was an opportunity for friends to reconnect and learn more about CIMF and the activities and programs it helps support with their funds.

This travelling exhibition was designed for the general public by Science North (Sudbury) and demonstrates how diamonds evolve from rocks to industry materials (80%) and gem quality (20%).  The exhibition was presented in Halifax over the summer of 2010 and was seen by many residents as well as visitors to the city.  The exhibition will then travel in Canada and the United States.  


Presentation of Scholarships to Successful Students

Every year, CIMF awards various scholarships to deserving students.  Official presentations are held in conjunction with CIM Branch or Society events in, or near, the  students communities.